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No matter their age, get your child back to school.

School Refusal Support

Thanks for joining us, brave parents of school refusers.  It’s a tough time when your child refuses to go to school.  So, we’ve developed a comprehensive online course, School Refusal Recovery, designed for parents of children facing the challenging issue of school refusal, often also called school avoidance.

What is school refusal?

School refusal is a distressing experience, both for children and their families. It often stems from a combination of emotional, psychological, and social factors, which often makes it a difficult problem to address.

This course aims to equip you, as a parent or caregiver, with the knowledge, insights, and practical strategies necessary to support your child in overcoming school refusal.  You’ll work through strategies that will target your child and their specific circumstances as you create your own case study.  From this, you’ll gain a really good understanding of what’s going on, you’ll work through proven strategies, learn some psychological theories, get some terrific parenting tips and work on a Gradual Exposure Plan to get your child back to school.  Sound good?  We think so and many parents agree.  Take a look at the online course and start your journey to empowering yourself and your child.

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School Refusal Recovery course.