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We are Your Guiding Light on the Path Back from School Refusal

We understand. The fear, the frustration, the constant questions swirling in your mind: "Why won't they go to school?" "What am I doing wrong?" "How will we ever get back to normal?" You're not alone. We've seen countless parents like you, feeling lost and powerless in the face of their child's school refusal, each asking 'How can I help my child go to school?'

But here's the good news: there is hope, and there is help because we are School Refusal Recovery, a team of dedicated professionals with one core mission: to empower parents like you to guide your children back to school with compassion, confidence, using proven psychological strategies.

Even after Lesson One, you will walk away confident of applying the new skills.  A really comprehensive Course - very helpful

Kyra, Social Worker

Our foundation is built on experience and empathy.

We are researchers, educators, therapists, and most importantly, parents who have navigated the complexities of school refusal.   Because of this, we know the emotional toll it takes on families and understand the unique challenges you face.

We're happy to offer more than just information. Our online School Refusal Recovery Course is a comprehensive support system, a beacon in the storm.

School Refusal Recovery provide:

  • Actionable strategies: We equip you with practical tools and techniques.  Our course will help you create your child's gradual exposure plan, along with communication strategies, parenting tips, and anxiety management tips all designed to empower you and your child.
  • Expert guidance: Learn from our team of professionals through video modules, live Q&A sessions, and downloadable resources.  We've put years of research into creating a course that works.
  • Peer support: Connect with other parents who "get it." Share experiences, find encouragement, and build a network of understanding.
  • Individualized attention: Get personalized feedback and support, ensuring the strategies you apply work for your unique family situation.

This course is excellent, I really enjoyed learning the psychological terms and the application of theory.

Steven, Head of Department

Our staff believe in your child, and we believe in you.

This journey back to school will be filled with twists and turns, but together, we will illuminate the path forward. Join our School Refusal Recovery online course, and let us be your guiding light, not only to school, but to a renewed sense of confidence and hope for your family.

Ready to take the first step?

We're waiting for you.

Children running into school classroom
School children running into class


I found learning the background reasons for school refusal really helpful and all the strategies were great, and all evidence based.

Amy, Social Worker