Make a Difference: Partner with School Refusal Recovery

Our children are our future; help us help them 

Unlocking potential, earning commissions, and transforming lives—it's all possible with School Refusal Recovery. Whether you're an individual with a heart for children or a school seeking solutions, becoming an School Refusal partner offers a unique opportunity to make a real impact.

For individuals:

  • Be a beacon of hope: Guide families struggling with school refusal towards proven strategies and expert support.
  • Fuel your financial goals: Earn generous commissions for every course you help sell.
  • Find fulfillment and purpose: Witness the power of your efforts as children regain confidence and embrace learning.

For schools:

  • Empower your community: Equip parents and educators with effective tools to navigate school refusal.
  • Strengthen student well-being: Create a supportive environment where all children feel safe and motivated to learn.
  • Demonstrate leadership: Champion mental health in education and contribute to a brighter future for students.

As an affiliate, you become more than just a seller – you become a trusted ally in families' journeys towards recovery.

Join our vibrant community of like-minded individuals and schools, where resources, support, and exclusive training sessions fuel your success.

Share your expertise, connect with potential clients, and build a reputation as a leading advocate for children's mental health. Remember, the more you help, the more you earn.

Our generous commission structure rewards your dedication, making a positive impact financially rewarding as well.

So, don't just stand by – stand up for those struggling with school refusal and step into a community where passion meets purpose, and every success story translates into a meaningful partnership.

Become a School Refusal Partner today and let's unlock the potential of every child, together.

Partnering with School Refusal Recovery by becoming an affiliate is more than just a business decision, it's a chance to make a lasting difference.

Join us and let's unlock the potential of every child, one step at a time.

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